Llhuroscian Glossary

Atraxos—a pumice city, near the villa of Kai Preiden, that was prominent during the Sividian Period.

Darkdow—children of the Tomb-Washers who were chosen by lottery to be victimized by the old Rope-Makers during the Tolkens of Holmeek.

Draikum—city from the latter part of the Middle Period.

Effigy Chair—elaborately decorated chairs that were the sole possessions of the Temple Virgins of Holmeek.

Enota, the Large—One of the main temple virgins of Holmeek.

Eskhaat—Poet/Priest of the Temple of Aar-Tenn, Atraxos.

Fakka—a king from the Sividian Period.

Haiguhr—a spongious fat of the sea cow that was used by the Lokust Sect to transform prepubescent boys and girls into Ohnos.

Holmeek—popular god in annual ceremony that victimized the Darkdow.

Horse People—originally fishermen who ate the forbidden purple sea horse and in retribution were punished through the growth of sharp hoofs which pierced the bottoms of their boats.

Itznakov—Priest from the Temple of Holmeek who oversaw the temple virgins.

Kai Preiden—Llhuorscian king from the Sividian Period who compiled one of the few accounts of Llhuroscian history.

Lamplö—Late Archaic Period.

Malmussian—people from the Middle Period.

Ohnos—recipients of implants of haighur to enlarge the sexual organs.

Pilkug—warrior people from the Archaic Period who inhabited the northern edge of Llhuros.

Pruii—a rare bird (similar to the sooty-footed hummingbird) that had a mating cry resembling the sound of a ringing telephone.

Ronup—a Llhuroscian city under the reign of Fakka.

Senberiens—leather sheathes that were inscribed with prayers and songs and worn as amulets, attached or found in the hollow interiors of votives.

Shor-Noo—a benevolent male god and companion of Tal-Hax from the Archaic Period.

Sividian—a period associated with the ecine of Llhuros during which engineering principals were discovered that are still used today.

Suisonok—sports robots who were created from young men through the implant of a thought-transference device located on the forehead. Suisonok were actively accepted into society and were much preferred socially to the scientists and intellectuals, who having the facility of total recall, were carefully avoided at any and all social gatherings.

Suizon—a sport involved suisonok that was directed by a scientist or intellectual. The game was particularly hazardous for suisonok who had to avoid collisions and hazards on the depressed and channeled floor areas.

Tal-Hax—a benevolent male god and companion of Shor-Noo from the Archaic Period.

Tolkens of Holmeek—a annual ceremony of sacrifice.

Trallib—a pitcher used in public ceremonies that was commonly humanoid in form.

Trolydos—a city from the Middle Period and the site of a temple honoring the phallos.

Uoyab—a temple / city from the Middle Period, located on the eastern border of Llhuros, that served as a mecca for stilt-walkers.

Viiben—gigantic birds who delicate bones were highly prized for scaffolding.

Adapted from the article’ originally published in Leonardo, Vol. 24, No. 3 (©1991 ISAST) pp. 265-271 and presented here by the permission of the MIT Press.

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