Llhuros in Education

School Children of Montpellier, France Visit the Llhuros Exhibit at La Panacée - La Centre d' Art Contemporain, December 2017

Pre-chool children of Montpellier, France visit the Llhuros Exhibit at La Panacée – La Centre d’Art Contemporain, (MoCo), December 2017

Prof. Adam Smith with students

Prof. Adam Smith with students

Class Examines Cornell Past and Future
Cornell Chronicle, April 28, 2014

During the 2014 spring semester at Cornell University, as part of Prof. Adam Smith’s course “The Rise and Fall of ‘Civilization’, students were once again confronted with truly unfamiliar objects and asked to provide basic descriptive information and preliminary interpretive suggestions. As last year’s students found out at the conclusion of their work, these objects were part of The Civilization of Llhuros.

More Photos from Prof. Adam Smith’s Class

The Landscapes and Objects Laboratory at Cornell University
The LOL is dedicated to the analysis and interpretation of archaeological materials. Projects focus on exploring the role of the material world – from landscapes and places to assemblages and singular artifacts – in human social life.

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