Viewers Weigh-In on Llhuros (1974)

The following comments were left in the guest book at the Roberson Center in Binghamton, New York, US, where Llhuros was exhibited from January 13-February 24, 1974.

“Very elaborate in creation. Beautifully imaginative and quite realistic. Magnificent showpieces of ‘authentic’ art.”

“Depressing. Depraved. Worthless. This is not the search for God, for truth, for beauty, for knowledge. Is this today’s trend toward the ugly?”

“Fascinating! An homage to the human imagination.”

“Marvelous! Very creative and original.”

“What an imagination! Very interesting! How about a book like Lord of Rings!”

“The creator’s sarcasm is pointed. Interesting to think of what would be thought if our civilization came to a sudden end and the exhibit was found in another thousand years.”

“I found the exhibit to be an extremely amusing parody of the typical archaeological display.”

“The most uncivilized civilization I’ve ever had the pleasure or displeasure to see. Ironically, the older it becomes, the more modern it is.”

“Very witty and inventive satire.”

“I think the implicit nihilism and cynicism reflects an inherent disturbance with Mr. Daly. However, I did find amusement. Most likely reflecting the same “disease” in myself.

“‘Last living Llhuroscian’, I was pleased with myself for discovering a hoax before I was told that it was.”

“Delightful sense of humor!”

“Ditto with above comments, delightful, a breath of fresh air laughing gaily in a rippling brook, with mirror. Will this really be all we leave behind?”

“It’s a riot!”

“What a great sense of archaeological inspiration. Almost as thrilling as seeing artifacts of the Middle Gorn Civilization.”


“So exciting to see these reactions—obviously right on target.”

“I was bemused and amused…”

“Best thing of it’s kind I’ve ever seen – but you need more jewelry and pottery…”

“Absolutely fantastic – commentary – very interesting ‘put on’ of archaeology and anthropology.”

“Even better the second time. A lot of fun!, Beautiful presentation.”

“I’m adoring the humor of this exhibition and its relation to our civilization.”

“Ironic—making fun o£ ‘digs’ and Civilization”.

“You forgot to mention your obvious indebtedness to Prof. Styro Foam of the State University of Nantucket for his earlier work.”

“What a PATINA!!! Great invented and creative use of found objects – your mind of course is outer spaced.”

“The most fantastic thing I’ve ever beheld. Superb. The artist is a genius.”

“What is it??”

“I am loving it!”

“Biggest put-on ever!”

“The Civilization of Llhuros exhibit would be much more effective if the music were given as intended; i.e., it should be louder.”

“Fascinating! The artist has a wonderful imagination in being able to create a civilization. Fun!”

“Far out! Funny! It is to laugh — but what a fabulous imaginative creation. Why?”

“How mind boggling to those of our future who may suspect us to be of mythological origin!”

“Great sense of humor. It is good to see a sensuous person take himself lightly.”

“I visited this country last year for a month.”

“A true comment on the 20th century. The effect is astonishing.”

“I think he is a dirty old man!”

“It has caused me to shorten my stilts, reduce the size of the bird on my head, and consider a recalculation of our menstrual chart.”

“Well, it was okay, but I didn’t understand it too well. Some of it was awful fake, and I still don’t know what ‘Llhuros’ means, but the thing is, I don’t care.”

“Talk about stupefying apathy!!!”

“I am wondering if square corner refrigerators, vs. round corner refrigerators would be relative!”

“The poetry is great! Will our civilization stand up as well, I wonder?”

“A great job of “setting up”. A trip through Alice’s Looking Glass. A marvelous spoof! Or is it!”

“Will AIR LLHUROS sign us up? Can’t do worse than BWIA. Great fun. Keep them laughing.”

“Uproariously funny — Stunning! — One of the years 10 Best.”

“It is a spoof!”

“And aren’t we a bunch of spoofers!”

“Probably a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there. Things were amazingly well preserved.”

“I think the man’s great — his eyes are open to the nonsense of our ‘best texts’ and ‘greatest experts!”

“It’s refreshing!’

“Okay — so you’re kidding — who’s got all that time for nonsense?”


“If one didn’t know, it would not be hard at all to imagine that, indeed, there once was such a civilization. An excellent exhibition.”

“Too true”

“I wonder how many visitors take it all in without realizing? I’m going to save all my egg cartons from now on. Remarkable: Uncanny, parallels to the Rancho culture.”

“Phony (much too)”

“Very imaginative and clever — really enjoyed your effort!”

“I think such a good imagination could have been put to better use.”

“A realization we could all use.”


“Impressive and beautiful. A tremendous creation of the imagination.”

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