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16th Istanbul Biennial 2019 – Reviews and Articles Online

The Evil Continent: Catastrophes, Witchcraft, and (Un)Happy Islands at the Istanbul Biennial (Poland)
Gorgons and organs: the Istanbul Biennial 2019 – in pictures (UK)
16’ıncı İstanbul Bienali: Pera Müzesi (Turkey)
The 16th Istanbul Biennial: Moana, Unimagined (New Zealand)
Art Review: 16th Istanbul Biennial (US)
Centre for Curating (South Africa)
Reviewing the Anthropocene: A Guide to the 16th Istanbul Biennial (Russia)
16th İstanbul Bienali – Bir Kultur (Turkey)


Look for the Red Layer
Robert Ascher, Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology
Cornell University
This essay was first published in the 1972 Exhibit Catalog

The Civilization of Llhuros
Kenneth Evett on Art
The New Republic, February 12, 1972

The Fabulous Llhuroscians
Newsweek – Charles Michener, Senior editor for cultural affairs
February 28, 1972

The Civilization of Llhuros (Advance Story)
Marilyn Rivchin | A.D. White Museum of Art
Cornell Alumni News | March 1972

The Civilization of Llhuros
Cornell Alumni News | March 1972

Norman Daly at Cornell
Thomas W. Leavitt
Art in America | March-April 1972


Tlön, Llhuros, N. Daly, J. L. Borges
Clark M. Zlotchew
Modern Fiction Studies | Autumn 1973


Univ of Pennsylvania Museum
Alumni Magazine, May 1974
Not quite a put-on and not just a put-down, a dazzling exhibit…

Projekt 74: Cologne
Kenneth Evett on Art
The New Republic, 1974


The Civilization of Llhuros: The First Multimedia Presentation in the Genre of Archaeological Fiction
by Norman Daly with Beauvais Lyons
Originally published in Leonardo, Vol. 24, No. 3 ©1991 M.I.T. Press


Artist and Curator: Creating Both Object and Installation
Jennifer Restauri, Thesis Excerpt | May 2012

Review Excerpts
Following the first installation at Cornell in 1972, Llhuros was exhibited in several other U.S. venues. These are some curated excerpts of reviews from 1972-1974.

Viewers Weigh-In on Llhuros
Exhibition visitors comment on Llhuros, Roberson Center for Science and Art, Binghamton, New York, 1974.

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