Compiler’s Note

Norman Daly in 1972
Norman Daly in 1972 by Marilyn Rivchin

The largest debt I have engendered in my compilation is to my fellow anthropologist, Paver Slaban, without whom many of the attendant problems would never have been solved. Yet it is difficult to place Professor Conrad Lionberger, acting director of Llhuroscian Studies, Cornell University, anywhere except at the top of the list of those colleagues who shared most graciously their expertise with me.

The extant Naciremian texts as well as those from Uoyab are in the limited cuneiformic writing of the Middle Period. These I have translated from the original, and I am solely responsible for the variations which may become catachrestic when compared to the authoritative clarity of translations made by that distinguished scholar, Professor Emmet Joseph McIntyre of Trinity College, Dublin.

Norman Daly
Director of Llhuroscian Studies
Cornell University

Adapted from the original catalog for The Civilization of Llhuros, ©1971-2021 Cornell University, licensed under CC BY-NC

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