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‘Artifacts’ of Lost Civilization Are On Display at Cornell
The Ithaca Journal | February 12,1972

They Unveil Artistic ‘Put-Ons’ At Art Institute
Akron Beacon Journal | September 15, 1972

The Fun Is In The Fakery
The Akron Beacon Journal | Akron, Ohio | September 17, 1972

Artist’s Hoax Acclaimed
The Ithaca Journal | September 21, 1972

Dehumanized ‘Art’
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle | November 4, 1972

Cornell Hoaxer’s World Too Close For Comfort
The Sunday Press | Binghamton. NY | November 12, 1972

The Imagined Primitive Kingdom of Llhuros
Public Opinion | Chambersburg, PA | November 16, 1972

Cornellian’s Parable Draws Charge of ‘Dirty Old Man’
Star-Gazette Sunday Telegram | Elmira, NY | November 21, 1972

‘Discoveries’ Of Culture On Display
The Troy Record | January 9, 1973

Honda Packing Crate Finds Place In Art
Indianapolis News | October 28, 1973

IMA To Feature “Llhuros” Exhibit
Indianapolis Star | October 28, 1973

Satire On ‘Discoveries’
Louisville Courier-Journal & Times | November 11, 1973

Llhuros Place in the Mind,…Not Entirely Fictitious
Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin Evening Press | January 16, 1974

Art Relics of a Non-Existent People
San Francisco Examiner | April 25, 1974

Scholarly Articles

Look for the Red Layer
Robert Ascher, Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology
Cornell University
This essay was first published in the 1972 Exhibit Catalog

The Civilization of Llhuros: The First Multimedia Presentation in the Genre of Archaeological Fiction
by Norman Daly with Beauvais Lyons
Originally published in Leonardo, Vol. 24, No. 3 ©1991 M.I.T. Press

Scholarly Reviews

The Civilization of Llhuros
Kenneth Evett on Art
The New Republic, February 12, 1972

Norman Daly at Cornell
Thomas W. Leavitt
Art in America | March-April 1972

Projekt 74: Cologne
Kenneth Evett on Art
The New Republic, 1974

Review Excerpts

Review Excerpts
Following the first installation at Cornell in 1972, Llhuros was exhibited in several other U.S. venues. These are some curated excerpts of reviews from 1972-1974.

Viewers Weigh-In on Llhuros
Exhibition visitors comment on Llhuros, Roberson Center for Science and Art, Binghamton, New York, 1974.

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