Our Mission

11 January 2023

We are interested in scheduling a “re-introductory” traveling exhibition of representative Llhuroscian objects with their texts and soundscapes. We would hope that this can be achieved in the 2023-2026 time-frame. We envision such an exhibition as relatively “local,” in other words taking place at exhibition spaces in New York State. Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Utica and New York City would all be appropriate, with New York City being essential.

The purpose of such an exhibition is three-fold. First of all, to allow new generations of museum-goers to visit Llhuros directly and thereby experience the varied pleasures and provocations which we believe Llhuros offers perennially. (or permanently).

Second, we wish to enable art historians to add to the newly established archival access to the documentation of Llhuros direct engagement with aspects of the “real” Llhuros;(or maybe “Llhuros in the flesh”). The goal here is development of an art-historical understanding of Llhuros in its manifold relation to the major currents of mid-20th century art.

Finally, we recognize that increased visibility of Llhuros in the contemporary art world is vital to the task of finding long-term preservation for the roughly 150 objects that constitute the material base of the “Civilization of Llhuros.” We are acutely aware that private ownership of Llhuros by Norman Daly’s son is anything but a long-term solution to the protection of this unique and essential work of art.

Please contact us with any thoughts or suggestions. Thank you!

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