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This website was conceived and built by David Daly and Linda Fisher who have spent several years inventorying, photographing, compiling, researching the materials of Llhuros for this web site. David Daly is the son of the late Norman Daly, the creator of Llhuros. Linda Fisher is the daughter of the late Elizabeth Fisher Cornell, a close friend of the artist and one of the original singers for the soundtrack.

The many photos were taken by various individuals in the 1970s — Marianne West, Marilyn Rivchin (Kawin), Michael Parkhurst, Jon Ries, newspaper photographers and others. Recent color photos were taken by Linda Fisher.

The Interview was written by Norman Daly and performed by Don Martin and Richard Korf. It was used as part of the soundtrack to the exhibit.

Sound recordings were restored and digitized by Colbert McClellan of Cornell University’s Academic Technology Center.