Special thanks go to museum co-director, Marilyn Rivchin, of the A.D. White Museum of Art, Cornell University for managing many key aspects of the first exhibition of the Civilization of Llhuros in 1972; Pauline Faure of La Panacée – Centre Contemporain d’Art, Montpellier, France; Elif Kamisli and Bige Orde of the Istanbul Biennial/Pera Museum curatorial staff for their dedication and warm friendship; to professor and artist, Antoinette LaFarge of the University of California, Irvine, for including Llhuros in her upcoming book and for publishing Norman Daly’s Wikipedia page. Inexpressible gratitude is due to the renowned curator Nicolas Bourriaud for his dedication and intention to exhibit Llhuros at La Panacée and Istanbul’s Pera Museum as part of the Istanbul Biennial, 2019-thus introducing a renaissance of sorts.

The many photos were taken by various individuals in the 1970s — Marion Wesp, Marilyn Rivchin (Kawin), Michael Parkhurst, Jon Ries, staff photographers and others. Recent color photos were taken by Linda Fisher or by venue photographers during recent exhibitions.

The Radio Interview’ was written by Norman Daly and performed by Don Martin (WHCU Radio in Ithaca, NY) and Professor Richard Korf of Cornell University–a thespian par excellence. Korf recited the Llhuroscian poetry in both Llhuroscian and English. Poetic excerpts were included as part of the soundtrack to the first exhibit in 1972 and again in 2019 in Istanbul.

Sound recordings on old reel-to-reel tapes from the early 1970s were restored and digitized by Colbert McClellan of Cornell University’s Academic Technology Center, with recent discoveries undergoing conversion by Richard Hess Audio Tape Restoration, Ontario.

Naglee Fine Arts in Elmira, New York houses the collection of Llhurocian artifacts, along with dozens of Norman Daly’s paintings, sculpture and other works. Special mention goes to Jared DesRuisseaux of Naglee Fine Arts who constructed 12 new custom-built crates to ship artifacts to France and Turkey and who continues to oversee the safe storage of a mind-boggling multitude of artifacts.

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