Following the death of the Norman Daly in 2008, David Daly and Linda Fisher conceived this website with the aspiration to introduce Norman’s remarkable creation, The Civilization of Llhuros, to new audiences.

David Daly is the son of Norman Daly, the creator of Llhuros. Linda Fisher is the daughter of the late Elizabeth Fisher Cornell, a close friend of the artist who gave voice to the temple virgin whose songs were used in the aural backdrop.

Daly and Fisher have spent nearly 11 years gathering, inventorying, photographing, compiling, and researching the vast materials of “Llhuros” and building this website as a repository of information about “Llhuros.”

Llhuros has been honored with a revival when it was selected for exhibition by the renowned curator, Nicolas Bourriaud who included it for installation in France, 2017 and at the Istanbul Biennial, 2019.

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