This narrative has been adapted from the original 1972 exhibition catalog for the Civilization of Llhuros, a multimedia  installation of archaeological fiction by artist Professor Norman Daly, Cornell. The exhibition was organized by the Andrew Dickson White Museum of Art at Cornell University in 1972, Thomas Leavitt, Director.

©1972-2021 Cornell University, licensed under CC BY-NC

Credits for original catalog elements used in the ‘Story’:
Map of Llhuros: Norman Daly and Lynda A. Thompson
Original manuscript prepared by: Marilyn Rivchen
Catalog layout: Marilyn Rivchin
Catalog edited by: Nita Jager
Original photographs (b&w): Marilyn Rivchin and Marion Wesp

Web layout and new color Photos: Linda Fisher 2004-2019

Digital Reproduction of the Original 1972 Catalog
The original catalog is in the collection of Cornell University Library, Rare and Manuscripts Division, Kroch Library. It is also available in online used book stores and in the collections of 122 libraries worldwide.

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