Murat Gülsoy on Llhuros

Norman Daly Age 75

Norman Daly at age 75

The Llhuros Project staff has been so busy, we haven’t promptly updated the website with articles and reviews from our Istanbul Biennial show–2 years ago!  We’re trying to catch up bit by bit. Here’s a quote from Murat Gülsoy which identifies the value of a work of art apart from its potential as a ‘financial instrument’ or to reduce the experience merely to a ‘message’. Please be advised that this quote from his article (in English) has been translated by Google.

“For forty years, Norman Daly has created a universe by himself by dealing with the objects, mythology and stories of an imaginary civilization. The richness of detail of the world he created reminded me of the worlds I encountered and influenced in novels such as The Lord of the Rings or The Wizard of Earthsea. And of course Borges’ playful texts. I don’t know why I’m so excited to experience a world that’s been completely fictionalized in this way and not our own. Maybe it’s the joy of knowing that behind that world it was a human mind that created it. Witnessing a moment when man becomes deified gives me hope. Since there are such great creative minds, there is a possibility that we will not be stuck in the moment, life, country, world and age we live in, salvation is possible! Am I too optimistic?”

Link to full article in Turkish  |  Link to full article in Engish

Murat Gülsoy is a Turkish writer and cultural critic who viewed the Civilization of Llhuros installation in Istanbul in 2019.

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