Music and Field Recordings

“I was armed with musical ignorance, therefore I composed!”

—Norman Daly

Field recordings and musical themes, heard and recorded by Norman Daly and his various colleagues in Llhuros, were combined as elements of the aural backdrop for the first installations of Llhuros. An initial set of recordings, made over 40 years ago on reel-to-reel tape, were unearthed and digitized in 2014. These contained mainly source material.

A new set of reel-to-reel tapes associated were discovered in 2019 and digitized in 2020-21. The most recent recordings are considered to be tracks of the looped aural elements that accompanied early exhibitions.

Following are two stereo recording which include four installation soundtracks. The tracks would have been looped and routed individually to distantly separated loud speakers, possibly in adjoining galleries:

The nasal flute was said to be particularly challenging for musicians

The nasal flute was said to be notoriously challenging for musicians

Loops 1 and 3
Loops 2 and 4

Norman Daly on Composing A Musical Theme

Sheet music for the Virgins Chorus“It was very painstaking, since I don’t know anything about music. I first wrote a theme and I wanted something rather schmaltzy. What I also wanted was something very poignant, but I wanted it not as a funereal dirge. I wanted it played fast but I still wanted it to have a sadness, that real schmaltzy nostalgia about it. So I wrote a theme—a very simple little tune—and then electronically it was altered with Moog’s synthesizer sufficiently so that it didn’t sound as it had been originally conceived just on the piano. Then I made variations of that theme and had some singers do some choral work on it as well as some children of the sixth grade sing part of it.”
—Norman Daly, from Interview with Thomas Leavitt

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