Announcing the Llhuros Symposium 2022

Graphic of Norman Daly and the Map of Llhuros

Norman Daly and the Map of Llhuros

The Llhuros Symposium 2022 is a virtual symposium marking the 50th anniversary of “The Civilization of Llhuros” first presented at the Andrew D. White Museum of Art, Cornell University in 1972.  Hosted by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, School of Art, the full-day symposium is scheduled for October 8th. Created by long-time Cornell University art professor Norman Daly, “Llhuros” is the first multimedia work of archaeological fiction ever created. The installation has since been presented at museums in the United States and Germany, Holland and France, and most recently at the Istanbul Biennial in 2019. A comprehensive website about Norman Daly is found here:

Bringing to Light
Acquisition of Norman Daly’s “Bull and Cow”
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