Looking back: Istanbul Biennial 2019

Gallery View of Lhuros at the Pera Museum, Istanbul

Gallery view of the Civilization of Lhuros during the 2019 Istanbul Biennial, Pera Museum venue

The Seventh Continent: Pera Museum | Exhibitions | Showcase
3:27 (Llhuros is shown at 1:16 into the video)
19 September 2019, TRT (Turkish Public Broadcasting)

One year ago Civilization of Llhuros was on display at the Pera Museum, as a featured installation for the Istanbul Biennial 2019, entitled ‘The Seventh Continent’. Here is a very initial sampling of articles, reviews and links related to the installation. More will be added.


* Norman Daly: Civilization of Llhuros
Istanbul Biennial

* Co-existing with the Seventh Continent: Artistic and Curatorial Concerns and Strategies in the 16th Istanbul Bienal
Exhibist (2019)

* 16th Istanbul Biennial
Art Review, October 2019

* Gorgons and organs: the Istanbul Biennial 2019 – in pictures
The Guardian – Art and Design Gallery, 19 September 2019

* ‘It’s hard not to panic’ – Istanbul Biennial targets waste, greed, garbage and gorgons
The Guardian, 18 September 2019

* 16th Istanbul Biennial, “The Seventh Continent”
Art Agenda, 16 September 2019

* #Norman Daly
PublicInsta – Viewers photos and comments about Llhuros in Istanbul

Journey to ‘The Seventh Continent’ at Istanbul Biennial
The Daily Sabah, 14 September 2019

Artists discover ‘The Seventh Continent’ at Istanbul Biennial
Hürriyet Daily News, 12 September 2019

Art world impact just ‘a drop in the ocean’: Istanbul biennial curator takes on climate crisis”
The Art Newspaper, 12 September 2019

Istanbul art guide: how to see Biennial and everything else in one weekend
The Guide Istanbul, 12 September 2019

The 16th Istanbul Biennial Opens
FTN News, 10 September 2019

16th Istanbul Biennial 2019: “The Seventh Continent“
Kunst Aspekte, September 2019

Istanbul Biennial to begin Saturday
The Daily Sabah, 9 September 2019

* 16th Istanbul Biennial: The Seventh Continent
The Pera Museum, Istanbul

* Civilization of Llhuros is mentioned and/or photos are included

Istanbul Biennial to present the Civilization of Llhuros
Revisiting Early Exhibitions
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