Antoinette LaFarge Interviews David Daly

In 2021 Antoinette LaFarge published a comprehensive work on fictive art entitled Sting in the Tale: Art, Hoax and Provocation. Following the book’s publication, LaFarge and the publisher, Doppel House have been presenting a series of interviews with artists represented in the book (available for streaming on Youtube or through the website Art Report Today.

In January, Norman Daly’s son David, joined Professor LaFarge and artist Beauvais Lyons (a long-time friend of Llhuros) in the interview which has been gathered, along with others from the series.


Note: David Daly interview begins around 12:50 into presentation.



The Civilization of Llhuros: The First Multimedia Exhibition in the Genre of Archaeological Fiction
Norman Daly with Beauvais Lyons | Leonardo Journal | MIT Press | 1991

Revisiting Early Exhibitions