“The Civilization of Llhuros presented me with the opportunity, while working in sculpture, painting, music and literature, to offer my reactions to certain elements of the human condition and the world around us.”
‒Norman Daly

Early Archaic Period

The Early Archaic is characterized by a rugged imagery essentially nonrepresentational.

Archaic Period

The Archaic objects that seem to possess a disquieting or menacing air are invariably Pilkug, while the more serene objects are most often the products of the tranquil people of Vanibo.

Late Archaic Period

While there is a noticeable emphasis on sexuality throughout the entire history of Llhuros, it is the manner and degree of this special interest which distinguishes the Late Archaic from the Middle Period.

92 - LacunariumMiddle Period

The Middle Period was renowned for a charged libidinousness exceeding even Paphian sensuality.

133Decline of Llhuros

The fall of the Llhurocians has been ascribed to the infallibility of the menstrual chart (trollium) as well as their hedonistic indulgence of effete refinements and obsessive pursuit of sensory excitation.

Recently Added

These objects, representing the various periods listed above, were added in advance of an exhibition of the Civilization of Llhuros in Europe 2019

Last update: 21 November 2020

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