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1972 The Ithaca Journal | February 12,1972 Akron Beacon Journal | September 15, 1972 The Akron Beacon Journal | Akron, Ohio | September 17, 1972 The Ithaca Journal | September 21, 1972 Rochester Democrat and Chronicle | November 4, 1972 Brighton-Pittsford Post Rochester Memorial Art Gallery | November 9, 1972 The Sunday Press | Binghamton. […]

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Journals and Magazines

1972 Look for the Red Layer Robert Ascher, Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology Cornell University This essay was first published in the 1972 Exhibit Catalog The Civilization of Llhuros Kenneth Evett on Art The New Republic, February 12, 1972 Newsweek – Charles Michener, Senior editor for cultural affairs February 28, 1972 Marilyn Rivchin | A.D. […]

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The New Republic -1972

Kenneth Evett on Art The Civilization of Llhuros February 12, 1972 Norman Daly is the artist. The show is called “The Civilization of Llhuros.” It begins as a spoof of almost everything current in art and anthropology and it ends, possibly, as high art. “The Civilization of Llhuros” opened recently at Cornell’s Andrew Dickson White […]

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Review Excerpts (1973-74)

The first exhibition of The Civilization of Llhuros took place at the Andrew Dickson White Museum of Art at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Following this installation, Llhuros was exhibited in several other U.S. venues. Here are some excerpts of reviews written from 1972-1973. “Daly has invented a mythic civilization complete with artifacts, remains of […]

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