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Glossary of Llhuroscian Terms and Names

Adapted from the article ‘Civilization of Llhuros: The First Multimedia Exhibition in the Genre of Archaeological Fiction‘ originally published in Leonardo, Vol. 24, No. 3 (©1991 ISAST) pp. 265-271 and presented here by the permission of the MIT Press.

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The New Republic -1972

Kenneth Evett on Art The Civilization of Llhuros February 12, 1972 Norman Daly is the artist. The show is called “The Civilization of Llhuros.” It begins as a spoof of almost everything current in art and anthropology and it ends, possibly, as high art. “The Civilization of Llhuros” opened recently at Cornell’s Andrew Dickson White […]

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Tom Leavitt Interviews Norman Daly

Following is an interview between Thomas W. Leavitt, director of the Andrew D. White Museum of Art and Norman Daly, professor of art, Cornell University, October 26, 1971. It was included in the catalog which accompanied the first exhibit of Llhuros at the Andrew D. White Museum in 1972. Tom Leavitt: You are one artist […]

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