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The Rite of Stilt-Walking

Although we may regret their lack of historiographic interest which may be accounted for, in part, by the eloquent fact that the Llhuroscians were temple-builders but not mythmakers (given the widest screen for influence-projection and minimal scientific observance, mythographers fail to find any suggestion of even the common theme of dragon-slaying in Llhuroscian literature), the […]

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Literature and Liturgy

Despite the presence of early literature in the form of prayers, written songs, inscriptions, diary excerpts, and, perhaps surprisingly, some chronicles and commentaries from the reign of Kai Preiden, the Llhuroscians produced no historiography in an official sense. Neither their collective origins nor destinies seemed to have stirred a dianoetic ripple in the body of […]

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The true origins of the obscure culture called Llhuros are unknown. Until the anthropological historians have disentangled legend from fact and meshed their philosophical interpretations with the comparative study of scientifically certified data into an incontrovertible synthesis, it will remain so. Our ever-increasing exploration and knowledge will, we hope, one day produce a clearly delineated […]

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Compiler’s Note

The largest debt I have engendered in my compilation is to my fellow anthropologist, Paver Slaban, without whom many of the attendant problems would never have been solved. Yet it is difficult to place Professor Conrad Lionberger, acting director of Llhuroscian Studies, Cornell University, anywhere except at the top of the list of those colleagues […]

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