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Crematory Rite of the Horse People

The crematory rite involving the Horse People mentioned in the Royal Mace-Bearer’s description of the procession is not the only historical reference to these strange people. According to the high priests of the Pumice Cities, the Horse People originally were normal people who fished for a livelihood in the Gulf of Trusiern, long before the […]

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Necrophilic Rituals

The most complete description of a rite is given as part of the autobiographical writings of a Royal Mace-Bearer at Houndee. From his description, below, of a procession to the Temple of Holmeek it is evident that the society had been segmented into castes by the Decline. A merchant class trades in the bazaar which […]

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Phallic Preoccupations

There are also the extensive excavations of Professor Schilaneder at Draikum, a city that flourished during the latter part of the Middle Period. He discovered many objects that appear to be phallic symbols relating to sexually oriented rites – objects used perhaps for fertility, hunting, and agricultural goals. Later there were temples dedicated to phallic […]

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Ceremonies and Rituals

Much of our knowledge of the everyday life of the Llhuroscians is the product of the untiring efforts of Professor Nils Schilaneder, the brilliant paleographer and director of the Swedish Institute of Archaeological Science and Research in Stockholm. Indeed when clues became too tenuous, multiple, and diffused beyond the attentive application of those merely dedicated […]

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