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The Temple Virgins, Enota and Itznakov

The virgins live in grass cages, and worldly goods have none, save the effigy chairs, which they decorate as they do themselves, in manner strange… Enota the Large and the other temple virgins, along with Itznakov, diarist priest and keeper of the Virgin cages, were central inhabitants of the Temple of Holmeek near Houndee. This […]

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The Decline of Llhuros

In some anthropological circles, the fall of these people has been ascribed to the infallibility of the Llhuroscian menstrual chart (trollium) as well as their hedonistic indulgence of effete refinements and obsessive pursuit of sensory excitation. Towle has analyzed the Decline, which includes the Sivadian period and the reigns of Kai Preiden and Fakka, as […]

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Mathematics and Science

As Sir Smallpiece points out, there is no evidence that the artistic growth of these people reached heights comparable to the technological advances of the Decline. Even by our present standards, Llhuroscian mathematical and scientific achievements are impressive. Unfortunately, because of ecological changes, we can neither duplicate the working conditions nor benefit from their considerable […]

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Art in Llhuros

We are indebted to the eminent Llhuroscian art critic, Sir Hilliard Cecil Smallpiece for the following evaluation of the arts of Llhuros: Unfortunately for critical interests and scholarly research, Llhuroscian art presents no innovative aspects and allows scant dichroistic interpretations. Perhaps the salient characteristic of the art is the biased emphasis on vertical axes that […]

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