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As of January 1st, this page is undergoing revision. Please check back soon. 16th Istanbul Biennial 2019 – Reviews and Articles Online The Evil Continent: Catastrophes, Witchcraft, and (Un)Happy Islands at the Istanbul Biennial (Poland) Gorgons and organs: the Istanbul Biennial 2019 – in pictures (UK) 16’ıncı İstanbul Bienali: Pera Müzesi (Turkey) The 16th Istanbul […]

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Norman Daly at Cornell: Art in America-1972

Thomas W. Leavitt Art in America March-April 1972 Norman Daly at Cornell Recently “excavated” artifacts, ritual objects, architectural fragments, scientific instruments as well as poetry chants from the strange culture of Llhuros are featured in an exhibition at the Andrew Dickson White Museum of Art at Cornell University. The display consists of over one hundred […]

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The New Republic -1972

Kenneth Evett on Art The Civilization of Llhuros February 12, 1972 Norman Daly is the artist. The show is called “The Civilization of Llhuros.” It begins as a spoof of almost everything current in art and anthropology and it ends, possibly, as high art. “The Civilization of Llhuros” opened recently at Cornell’s Andrew Dickson White […]

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Look for the Red Layer

Robert Ascher Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology Cornell University, 1972 Look for the red layer under the blacktop parking lot in the shopping plaza.Lord Carnarvon had financed the search for Tut, the teenage Egyptian Pharaoh. He was there when the tomb was opened, and he was one of the first to view its contents. Several […]

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