‘A Self-Mythologizing Practise’

A Pair of Minor Deities on display at the Pera Museum during the 2019 Istanbul Biennial, Photo by Jonathan Goschen

A Reflection on Norman Daly’s “Civilization of Llhuros”

“Daly’s attention to detail and consistency is perhaps what comes across most powerfully in his work. It allows for the exhibition to be both ironic and appreciative of its dealings with archaeological practise. His method of working and display is consistent with typical anthropological display. Daly also invented a rich world of scholars, archaeologists, translators, researchers, institutions, curators and publications which all serve to advance the penetration of Llhuros into the contemporary world.” – Jonathan Goschen, October 2, 2019

Jonathan Goschen is an honours in curatorship student at the Center for Curating the Archive, University of Capetown, South Africa.

Wall placard in Turkish and English from Pera Museum exhibit. Photo by Jonathan Goschen.

Murat Gülsoy on Llhuros
Bringing to Light
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